Medical Malpractice

When care, or lack thereof, from a medical professional results in damage, injury, harm, or death of the patient, a medical malpractice claim can be explored. Medical negligence is attributed to the physician or medical professional responsible for the patient. Corporations, clinics, hospitals, and managed care facilities can also be held liable.

It’s important to have an experienced attorney by your side to identify proof of negligence. Kathy Brown Law, PLLC represents clients from Charleston, WV, and surrounding areas. Allow us to help you navigate through the medical malpractice legal process and get the justice you deserve.

Our Medical Malpractice Practice Areas Include:

Birth Injuries

If a mother and child are not given the care they need during the birthing process, it can result in complications for both mom and baby. If an OB GYN and medical team is not meeting the appropriate standards of care, it can result in lifelong conditions and complications that can affect both the mother and child’s long term health and wellbeing. If you or your child received incorrect care during the birthing process, we are here to help.

Failure to Diagnose & Misdiagnoses

A misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose a dangerous or life-threatening condition can result in serious harm. If you or a loved one have been misdiagnosed or harmed due delayed treatment or due to a physician’s failure to diagnose a condition or disease, you may be entitled to recovered damages.

Emergency Room Errors

Timing is everything in an emergency room, and emergency room staffers are often pushed to the limit while dealing with critical problems. Because of this, it can cause miscommunication and result in misdiagnosis, treatment errors, and other issues to arise. If you or a loved one have been injured during an emergency room visit, we may be able to help.

Surgical Errors

Adequate planning can help reduce a patient’s risk in both basic and complex surgeries. Prior to your surgery, your doctor should inform you of any associated risks, including infections, blood clots, and more. In addition, your surgeon should create a surgical plan to help reduce your risk and prevent errors.

Through every stage of our procedure, your medical team must meet a certain standard of care. If negligence occurred during any stage of your surgical process and you were harmed, you might have grounds for a medical malpractice case.

Medication & Prescription Errors

Your doctor and pharmacist are trained to prescribe medication that will help heal you and improve your health. However, when mistakes are made, it can result in harmful drug interactions, wrong dosages, improper administration instructions. Our firm represents clients who have received improper medication and prescriptions from pharmacists, physicians, and other medical professionals.

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