April 30, 2020

These are unusual times: scary, uncertain, and, unfortunately, even deadly. But one thing many of us ask: “How can we help?” At Kathy Brown Law, we can help by using our expertise to review insurance policies and insurance coverage. For small businesses wondering if they can stay afloat, their commercial insurance policy may offer a ray of hope. For the lay person, an insurance policy can be complicated to read and even more difficult to understand. Questions arise like what does my coverage entail? How do I make a claim? If the insurance company denies my claim, what are my options?

We stand ready to help you get answers. We will review your policy free of charge! If there is coverage, we will help you file a claim. If a claim is denied, we can help you decide the next steps to take that meet your business needs.

West Virginia’s Insurance Commissioner recently put out a Bulletin telling business owners that “some commercial policies may provide business interruption coverage due to an order by a governmental or civil authority.” WV-Insurance Bulletin 20-8. However, the Commissioner explains, “for coverage to apply, most insurance policies still require a direct physical loss from a covered peril as the underlying cause of the business shut down or closure.”

Many insurance companies have written exclusionary language into policies that may result in a denial of coverage if there is a pandemic. However, that is not the end of the story. Insurance policies can be different, and there may be additional coverage options purchased or endorsements that might apply.

That’s where you may need help and we are glad to review your policy. It can all be done remotely, by either scanning the policy and emailing it to us or
faxing it to our office. We can then have a telephone call or Zoom meeting with you to let you know your next step. Our email address is Kathy@kathybrownlaw.com and the fax number is 304-720-2352. You can always call first at 304-720-2351.

We are all in this together and this is a way we can help! Stay well.
Kathy A. Brown -responsible attorney.