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The core responsibility of our practice is to help our clients meet challenges and be an advocate in what is often the most difficult time in life. Based in Charleston, West Virginia, we provide service and support, serve with dedication, and work as quickly as possible to obtain justice in each case we take on.


Kathy Brown's career is a testament to that passionate and unstoppable commitment, and characteristic of this firm's philosophy and primary objective. We have the skills and dedication to get the job done without allowing your case to drag on for months or years.


Each client is unique and important to us. This firm's commitment is to assist you in understanding your options and choosing the course that is best for you and your future. Our primary concern is to resolve your issue in a timely, efficient manner with the least amount of stress possible; our job is to help you navigate towards a solution that works. We are your advocate, bringing our experience and knowledge to bear in achieving the mutual goals we set together.

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