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Many people injured by exposure to the toxic chemical known as "C-8" qualify to receive financial compensation to help them recover from the harmful side effects of the chemical that polluted the water supply in parts of Ohio and West Virginia.


Residents in regions whose drinking water was contaminated with C-8 may have exposure that is harmful to their health. C-8 has now been linked by an independent science panel to several health hazards. These include thyroid disease, kidney cancer, testicular cancer, high cholestrol, ulcerative colitis, and pregnancy induced hypertension.


Water systems affected include:


  • Belpre, Ohio city water system

  • Little Hocking, Ohio

  • Lubeck Public Service District

  • Mason County Public Service District

  • Tupper Plains, Ohio

  • Pomeroy, Ohio water system


Water wells located within these water districts have also been subjected to C8 contamination.


Attorney Kathy Brown is helping victims exposed to C-8 learn the legal options.


The consultation is free and there is no cost to you without a monetary award.


For more information: http://www.cwcd.com/c8-injuries.php

Or call: 304.424.0198 or 1.866.401.6975

C-8 Contamination


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