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You can’t be fired in West Virginia for an illegal reason. But what’s illegal? Kathy Brown Law can help you with that. Kathy has 14 years of legal experience in fight for people who have been unlawfully fired. There are many reasons your employer might give for firing you, but was the real reason because you have a disability, are a woman or over 40? Did the employer not like the color of your skin or your religion? All of these reasons are against the law.


Also if you are a woman, were you sexually harassed in the work place? Did the boss or one of your co-workers make an un-welcome sexual advance creating a hostile-work environment?


These are all reasons that if you were fired or force to leave your job you should call Kathy Brown Law today for a free consultation.

Employment Discrimination

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Seek legal help when you experience discrimination in the workplace

Woman harassed in the office